Rimac Concept One Review

The Rimac Automobili is a Croatian automobile organization that develops and creates elite electric vehicles, drive train and battery frameworks. Rimac Automobile’s first model, the upcoming Rimac Concept One, is known as the world’s speediest production electric vehicle. The new Rimac Concept One is designed to be the best electric super car, not a super car with electric engines. The free drive framework and low mounted batteries are uniquely designed for the driver to adjust. The entire auto is developed around the powertrain and battery-pack. Rigging changes or grips are not required and the reaction time is the moment. The batteries can be located on the floor, together with the various heavy propulsion parts keeping in mind the end goal to achieve a low focus of gravity.

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Rimac Concept One front

Rimac Concept One – New Design

The Rimac Concept One is about sportiness, as well as about style. The body is produced using uncovered carbon, that demonstrates its production technology and materials, as well as helps the auto to keep a very low weight.

All of the materials are created in-house; no basic parts are off-the-rack. The present design group incorporates previous designers from Magna Steyr and Pininfarina. The exterior was designed by the youthful Croatian designer Adrian Madrid.

The body side components a unique, symmetrical showing up highlight that gives the auto an in number character and clear distinction, while the duct is the reflection of the tie that is a unique Croatian product.

The concept’s interior is the work of the cowhide masters Vilner. They have developed a driver-centered interior, with the lodge tailors designed around the driver, while the top of the line infotainment framework keeps the driver entertained and informed about the vehicle’s frameworks.

There is likewise a top of the line interior technology where the infotainment keeps the driver informed about various vehicle frameworks, the head-up showcase permits him to keep concentrated out and about, ventilated and warmed seats and in addition, the electrically adjustable steering section is guaranteeing a comfortable driving experience.

Rimac Concept One interior

Rimac Concept One – Engine and Performance

Rimac is promising an output that is incomprehensible for an electric sports auto. Rimac Concept One uses a unique powertrain which is divided into four sub-frameworks, each consisting of one engine, inverter, and reduction gearbox. With an aggregate output of 811 kW (1,088 hp) and 1,600 Nm (1,200 lbf•ft) of torque, the upcoming Rimac Concept One can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–60 mph) in 2.8 seconds at limited top velocity of 305 km/h (190 mph).

The engines are to be powered by a massive 91 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, giving the auto a scope of 500 km (310 mi) per charge.

With a control weight of 1650 kg and 1088 HP, the upcoming Rimac Concept One can reach 100 km/h from a halt in 2.8 seconds and keep on accelerating to the limit of 305 km/h. 92 kWh of vitality in the Battery modules delivers enough squeeze for up to 600 km of reach.

Rimac Concept One rear view

Rimac Concept One – Price and Availability

The Rimac has unveiled a cool teaser video for their Concept One super car that will have its global debut in 2015 and will be delivered in a limited number running off just 88 units. The $980,000 is the present rate at which the auto is expected to sell at.

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  1. really never heard of rimac electric automobile,but it has to be one of the best looking vehicles i have ever seen. hope its design and fuction matches its looks!

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