2017 Lexus ES300h Review

The hybrid models are becoming as days continue to progress. The models pride themselves in being the quietest cars with an excellent performance and low fuel usage. Lexus series has been in the market for a long time and can be traced back to the early 1990s. The Lexus car manufacturers are preparing to make a bid for their launch of 2017 Lexus ES300h. Over the years the company has continued to redesign their models so that they can fit in the car market and many car lovers will be hoping that this trend will go on when this new model is launched in the market.

2017 Lexus ES300h Front

2017 Lexus ES300h – Design and Changes

Many think that 2017 Lexus ES300h will be similar to Toyota Camry but in the real sense, these two cars will be very different from each other since they are from different companies and will feature different specifications. Use of noise reducing materials is rampant in the doors, windows, and the engine; this will mean that passengers can enjoy a good quality of music without any external or internal disturbance. Another unique aspect that makes this model to be special is the use of bamboo integration in the interior features, trims and instrument clusters. The leather upholstery on the seats has a black color that will integrate well with the bamboo touches.

The rear seats of new 2017 Lexus ES300h will not have a folding capability, but the provided luggage space is expected to be large enough. The back seats will have the option of having window blinds for an aspect of privacy. New types of wheel design will be used. The wheel sizes will be in between seventeen inch and twenty inches. These wheels will feature twenty spoke and ten spokes respectively. The wheels material will be made of alloy for increased resilience and strength. A fifteen speaker with a high-quality stereo system will deliver a good quality of music. The 2017 Lexus ES300h will feature rectangular exhaust pipes. The 4.2-inch display will feature the infotainment unit. The infotainment unit will have two enter knobs for simplified use and access.

The inclusion of the signatory spindle-shaped grille won’t hurt. Fog lamps and the normal headlights have been improved to fit into the redesigned platform. Safety equipment will come in the form of parking sensors, lane keeping and exit sensors, rear traffic crossing warnings, multiple airbags and blind spot warning system. Cruise control and automatic brake system will be included as extra features in 2017 Lexus ES300h.

2017 Lexus ES300h interior

2017 Lexus ES300h – Engine Considerations

Since this is a hybrid model alternative engine options will be offered, and this might include gasoline, diesel or the electric motor option. A gasoline engine which will have a capacity of 2.5 liters will be used on the base model. The base engine will have four cylinders and will receive a turbocharger for an enhanced performance. Another option would be a 2.0-liter engine that will also feature four cylinders in its compartment. The first two engines will have the capability of producing about 200 hp. Another option on the premium model will be a 3.5 liter V6 engine that will give out 268 hp. An electric motor will be included to complement power delivery and to be used in cases where the fuel runs out and there no filling station in the vicinity. The acceleration to the 60 mph mark is expected to happen in about 6.5 seconds. A six-speed automatic transmission or a continuously variable transmission might be considered in 2017 Lexus ES 300 h. The model’s top speed will be about 130 mph.

2017 Lexus ES300h rear view

2017 Lexus ES300h – Date and Estimated Price

Given the design of 2017 Lexus ES300h, it will be expected that the model starting price might be around $42,000. The 2017 Lexus ES300h will first appear on the market in the late months of 2016 or early 2017.

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  1. Thomas O. Berge says:

    I have a 2013 300h and am debating between a 2017 300h and a Mercedes hybrid. Can you give me some information on the 2017 300h. I am NOT interested in a 2016, nor do I want a salesman to contact me. I have my own salesman, who has sold me 3 prior Lexus’
    Incidentally, I have been very happy with my 300h but my wife wants a little more luxury like tghe Mercedes.

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