2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3

The incoming hybrid model will be initially available in the United States and Asian markets. The BMW Company is committed to giving complete satisfaction to its customers and will be hoping to get more customers when it launches the hybrid version. BMW enthusiasts will be happy since the company will be giving the option of toggling between diesel, gasoline, and electric power for convenience.

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 front

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 – Design and Features

The 2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 look will be camouflaged while the usual kidney-shaped grille that is a signatory in all BMW models will not be missing. Front bumper is curved while the fenders have been enlarged for larger air intakes on the front side. A larger than normal wheelbase will be some of the changes to be noted on this model. Increased wheelbase will cater for the improvement of passengers’ legroom to avoid the cramming or discomforting experience. Traction control unit will ensure that instances of skidding will be limited. Front breathers and air curtains will improve the aerodynamics of this model. The overhang on the front side will be slightly shorter than the one found in the current model.

The interior has been improved to provide a comforting environment. Tweaking of the braking system has been done for better and fast response to avoid time lags. Brakes have been improved for better response. The differential and the suspension have been revisited for better performance of the model. The wheels size will be eighteen inches though some options might be available for those who like larger or smaller wheels. The rear sets have the folding capability where they can be folded if more cargo space is needed. The ignition system that has been featured will use a button for springing the engine to life.

A premium audio system is included in 2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 for relaxation of the passengers and the driver. A standard navigation system will be available, but users will be given the option of upgrading this system to get better and improved navigation system. Safety measures will be taken into account to ensure that passengers on board will be safe.

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 interior

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 – Power-train Availability

The several options will be explored when considering the engine to be put on 2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3.The 3.0-liter inline engine will have about six cylinders and a power of 306 hp. Since this is a hybrid model, an electric motor will be included.The electric motor will be powered by a lithium-ion electric battery. The electric motor will produce about 55 hp. Are the combination of both gasoline and electric motors will give an overall output of about 340 hp. It has been rumored that an eight-speed autonomous transmission system will be the link to be used in the engine connection. Improved performance does not necessarily mean that the model’s fuel usage will increase; it simply means that the engine system has been overhauled to allow complete combustion of fuel.

This 2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 will have a fast acceleration rate that will enable it to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 5.3 seconds. The model’s top speed will be about 150 mph.BA diesel unit might be introduced after the introduction of the hybrid gasoline variant.

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 side

2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 – Price and Debut Date

Details concerning the price of this awesome model are still shady but could still be compared to the predecessors. 2017 BMW Active Hybrid 3 will debut in late 2017.

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